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Advertisements and catalouge references to cameras in the collection:

American Camera Co Demon Detective camera advertisement
George Hare's New Patent Field camera Advertisement 1885
Horsman Eclipse advertisement from 1887, and a specimen card with advertisement
Lancaster Instantograph catalouge reference from "How to be a successful amateur photographer" c1888
Lancaster Instanteneous Shutter catalouge reference c1888
Lancaster Le Meritoire catalouge reference c1888
Lancaster Le Merveilleux catalouge reference c1888
Lancaster Stereo Merveilleux catalouge reference c1888
Lancaster Rover advertisement c1886
Kodak Ordinary cameras catalouge  reference from 1894
Kodak C Ordinary manual printed June 1892
Rochester New Model catalouge reference "Photographic apparatus" 1890
Rochester New Model Improved catalouge reference "Photographic apparatus" 1890
Scovill Watebury View camera catalouge reference 1886
Shew's Eclipse camera advertisement 1896
Shew's Universal Hand camera advertisement 1896
Stereoview by Underwood & Underwood
W√ľnche Mars Detective camera catalouge reference 1891





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