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Camera collecting reference books.

The Illustrated History of the Camera by Michel Auer    An Age of Cameras by Edward Holmes   The Hove BLUE BOOK 14 edition   McKeowns Price Guide 12th Edition   British Camera Makers by Norman Channing & Mike Dunn   Kodak Cameras, The first hundred years by Brian Coe   Collectors guide to Kodak cameras by J&J McKeown  

  Von Daguerre bis Heute by H.D.Abring   Von Daguerre bis Heute II by Abring   Von Daguerre bis Heute III by Abring   Von Daguerre bis Heute IV by Abring   Ernemann Cameras by Peter Göllner   Thomas International photo directory of antique cameras by D.B.Thomas   Discovering old Cameras 1839-1939 by Robert White

   Made in Italy, Italian Cameras by Marco Antonetto and Mario Malavolti    Guide Michel Auer    A Century Of Cameras by Eaton S.Lothrop    Camera by Brian Coe    Cameras from Belgium and Holland, Museum of Photography, Antwerp catalogue    Les Appareils Photographiques Francais by Bovis,Boucher and Francesch

   ANTHONY the Man the Company the Cameras by William & Estelle Marder    Antique & Classic Cameras by Harry I. Gross    Reflecting on Photography 1839-1902 by Cotter    The History of Photography as seen through the Spira Collection    Images and Enterprise by Reese V. Jenkins    The Phototgraphica Collectors Price Guide by George Gilbert    Stereoscopes by Paul Wing

   Spy Camera by Michael Pritchard    The Birth of Photography by Brian Coe    Stereoviews by John Waldsmith    Collectors Guide To Early Photographs by O. Henry Mace    Restoring Classic & Collectible Cameras by Thomas Tomosy    Antique Cameras by R.C.Smith    Collecting Old Cameras by Cyril Permutt 


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