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Newburyport News Camera c1899
Eastern Speciality MFG Co Boston Mass, U.S.A.

The Newburyport News Camera was made by the Eastern Specialty Mfg. Co. of Boston (as the 20th Century Camera) for a number of newspapers in the New England area as a premium item. The same company also created the identical Springfield Union Camera. The construction is truly primitive but clever in design, being basically a heavy gauge cardboard box covered with a leather grained paper, with a solid wood block rotating inside, each face holding a piece of film or card stock. This block is held in place by a sliding box front end that holds the lens and lens cap (there is no shutter). The camera dimensions are 4 1/4"x4"x 10 1/4", and it can produce four - 2" diameter round pictures with the wood block fully loaded.

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