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No 2 Eclipse Camera c1890
E.I. Horsman Co, New York, U.S.A.

The No 2 Eclipse is a small mahogany or cherry body view camera. Quarter plate film size  3,1/4 x 4,1/4". 
This example with serial number 107.
Years manufactured c1887-1900. Construction is very simple with minimal use of brass hardware, no movements, no gears and only rear focus. The bellows are made of paper ("leatherette") and are very fragile. 
Brass lens is marked "Aloe's Special Landscape Lenses, A.S. Aloe & Co, St. Louis, 4x5". 
There was also a larger model, No 3 Eclipse, size 4,1/2 x 6,1/2.

Horsman's Eclipse Advertisement's

Instructions inside the plate holder "To load holder"


Inside the tiny brass lens, I found two, rarely seen, washer stops.

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