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A  B and C Ordinary Kodak Cameras c1893
Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, U.S.A.

The A, B and C Ordinary Kodak cameras were the only Kodak box cameras made without the leather covering. Introduced in 1891 and discontinued 1895. 

The name “Ordinary” was a way to distinguish them from other Kodak box cameras like the Daylight model made during the same period.

The Ordinary Kodaks were made in a small quantity, only c 2000 examples made per model. According to the Kodak camera order book, demand for the Ordinary cameras was not large, so 150 A, 600 B and 475 C Ordinary cameras were converted to Daylight models.
(ref. George Eastman House)

The A Ordinary Kodak is the smallest taking 24 pictures on roll film, picture size 2 ¾ x 3 ¼”. It is the only Ordinary model missing a view finder, instead it have V sighting lines on top and on one side. 
String set sector shutter, Achromatic lens, no stops.

The B Ordinary Kodak is the middle size taking 24 pictures on roll film, picture size 3 ½ x  4”. Equipped with one view finder, and V sighting line on top of the camera. 
String set sector shutter, Achromatic lens with wheel stops

The C Ordinary Kodak is the largest taking 24 pictures 4 x 5” on roll film. 
Equipped with two view finders. String set sector shutter. Achromatic lens with wheel stops. The C Ordinary was also offered with a glass plate holder.

New features introduced with the A B C Kodaks were the film counter and the automatic lock witch prevents turning too much or too little film into position.


klick here for a BIG image of the Ordinary cameras with the front's removed     

Oops! Too late to develope this A size roll film!                        C Ordinary roll film back removed         

  All cameras are marked with the same four patent dates, here are links to the USPTO patents:
  Aug 6 1889 408596, Nov 12 1889 414735, July 29 1890 432990 and 433020, Aug 5 1890 433774 and 433775.

The 1894 Kodak Catalogue reference
The 1892 Kodak C Ordinary Manual
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