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Le Merveilleux c1888
J. Lancaster & Son, Birmingham, England.

Le Merveilleux was Lancaster's lowest priced and most simple model.  Made of mahogany with brass fittings. It was offered in sizes from 1/4 plate (shown here) up to 12x10" and made c1882-1905. This is the 1888 Patent Model. The brass lens is mounted in a sliding tube for fine focusing. No shutter is present, but a qualified guess is that the rotating lens cover was used as a shutter. 

The rotating lens cover 
works as a simple shutter.


Reference Le Merveilleux "How to be a Successful Amateur Photographer"

Reference Le Merveilleux "How to be a Successful Amateur Photographer

Le Merveilleux c1897

This second Le Merveilleux camera, also quarter plate, is later and of a more "modern" design. The wood work is not so heavy and there are now rack and pinion front focusing.

Lancaster's patented "bean" shutter. There are no springs, just finger pressure on the lever to move it from side to side.


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